LP-Think Local Dentist

Revolutionary Online Lead Generation Platform

Help patients discover, contact, and choose your practice with our leading edge pay-per-lead program that is based on results. You pay for the leads that turn into new patient appointments, which means more patients in your chair.

Drives Local Patients to You!

Build your practice with new patients searching online for specific procedures or a local dentist in your area. Through effective integrated online marketing, our unique program casts a wide net and funnels more qualified leads to increase revenues, resulting in more new patients in your practic

Optimizes Internet Marketing.

We help more patients discover you online through search and social media, and promote patients to take action by visiting your website or calling your practice.

Our online marketing program creates proprietary online sites that work with multiple leading search engines and social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and more.

Increase conversion through automated tools.

With LP-Think Local Dentist, you are able to effectively convert new patient leads automatically. By aggregating marketing data through LP-ROI, we collect marketing information on a national level to best understand what online marketing tactics and spending actually work. Our automated marketing tools create a visual landscape of charts and graphs displaying what steps need to be taken to move them closer to becoming patients. We help you see where a lead is and what steps need to be taken to move new patient leads closer to becoming a patient.

Improve New Patient Communications.

At Local Patient, we believe patient conversion is the key to unlock the full potential of your marketing program. LP-Think Local Dentist's software helps manages your new patient relationships, provides a suite of productivity tools to help your staff automate the lead nurturing process, and ensures prospects are always being engaged. We help create and automate many of the difficult tasks involved in converting potential patients who have shown interest into active patients.

Our digital marketing lead generation program is unlike any other in the country.

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