Automated Marketing Tracking Software

LP-ROI tracks all marketing, new patients, and results. This allows your practice to have insight into the actual revenue generated by your marketing campaigns. See where every dime goes and make marketing decisions you feel good about.

Convert More Leads into Revenue

Take the burden off your staff and let LP-ROI do all the work. Get a handle on your marketing spend quickly and easily through Local Patient’s LP-ROI platform. It tracks your new patients, and organizes and categorizes your marketing statistics for you.

Seamless Integration

At Local Patient, we believe your time is best spent seeing patients. LP-ROI is designed to make daily processes simple and streamlined. It integrates seamlessly with your practice management software, allowing you to easily view your marketing statistics, which are automatically updated within the dashboard. LP-ROI puts your patient revenue information in one place, so you can finally see the entire picture.

Visibility into Advertising

Know which form of advertising generates the most leads that convert to revenue. Best of all, you have a complete view of all your marketing campaigns, whether it be print, tv, radio, or internet, because they are tied directly to the dashboard. All your marketing spending is categorized to show exactly how much is spent to attract and maintain patients.

Make Better Decisions

With detailed analytics and revenue tracking presented clearly and accurately for each aspect of your marketing, your practice is able to make intelligent business decisions. From insight into key terms that patients search for online, to tracking the treatment plan that is designed for each patient, LP-ROI is able to track the full life cycle of your patients.

Save Time and Money

No more time consuming data entries and paper trails to follow. LP-ROI provides the right data at the right time, allowing your staff to focus on patients first. Hours worth of recording, tracking, and calculating your practice's ROI are now done automatically for you.

How LP-ROI Works

The complete picture, simplified

Proprietary technology captures and identifies each event, and tracks it from its source.

All marketing tactics are always captured by form or by phone. With continuous feedback, you can fine tune each of your marketing activities, leading to increased revenue and ROI.

Call Tracking & Conversion

Our call tracking software allows you to assign unique phone numbers to your advertising campaigns so that all lead information is captured. But it's more than just call tracking statistics. See exactly which calls by phone number actually convert from leads to appointments to patient revenue.

Filters Existing and Duplicate Patients

LP-ROI sorts out any duplicate leads and existing patients, and excludes them from the overall calculated revenue results. This ensures that the information you see is an accurate snapshot of your practice.

Incorporates Google Analytics

All web-based results are paired with online Google Analytics. See exactly what your patients are searching, which key terms and websites are referring the most motivated leads, and which leads become appointments and result in new patient revenue.

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