OEM Partner Program

White Label our Dashboard

LP provides our software and technology as a turnkey fully integrated solution with the ability for you to fully white label our ROI Dashboard with your existing customer portal or reporting. This allows our partners to generate additional revenues from their customer bases as well as create strong methods of engagement and retention. Along with making their customers more sticky to their products and services we are solving the two main problems in the industry and small business - easily tracking results and delivering new patients.

Easy to use REST API

Local Patient has API's to easily board your customers on our service and get the data you need out of our system to assist both you and your customers. The API allows you to post new as well as past data to be processed by our system. We will then validate the data, match it against the practice's magement system, and display the results in the ROI Dashboard. The API also allows you to retrieve the data directly back into your system for reporting or use as a tool for your sales or consulting team.

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