Reseller Partner Program

Add LP Practice ROI and Lead Generation to Increase Your Revenues

Local Patient makes it easy for you to become a partner or reseller of our products. We provide all the necessary tools, training, and support to quickly offer our technology and software to your customer base. Our team handles the installation, training, marketing materials and support to fully integrate with your offering as an extension of your organization.

Providing Real Insight and Increasing Revenue for the Practice

If you are a company specializing in marketing or consulting our tools will allow you to show the real results and put you in a position to coach your clients to success based on real data. Our tools and software are proven to fully automate tracking marketing ROI as well as creating a very simple to understand reporting dashboard to show bottom line return on marketing expenses. With the LP-ROI and LP-Think Local Dentist Platform you can provide the one thing that practices need most, new patients and a consistent way to repeat this process of adding more patients.

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